I believe every woman can feel like a rock star every single day!


Hey y’all, I’m Gillian!

I help successful yet unfulfilled women ROCK their inner awesomeness - at work and in life!


How would it feel...

to wake up each morning full of joy knowing that you’re doing work you LOVE so much that it hardly even feels like work??!


Do you feel like you’re meant for something more?


How would it feel to know you’ve made a difference to someone else by the end of your work day?

What would it be like to message a private client and say I’m SO excited for Monday when we have our call - rather than dreading Monday?!

I understand what it feels like when your friends, family and colleagues tell you that you have it all, but you have absolutely NO IDEA what they’re talking about.

You have a great job, a beautiful home and eat out at your favorite restaurants whenever you want - but you don’t feel fulfilled - especially when you get up and go to work every day.

Growing up, I always did everything “right” - I was never the best, but I was always good enough.


I never tried my hardest because I didn’t need to - I had the best of both worlds - success without extreme stress or strain.

I didn’t have a “dream” college because I just planned on going to the “safe” state school - I knew it would be the most affordable, and I’d still get good education. I had applied to a few other more desirable schools but assumed they were out of reach due to cost - IF I could even get in.

My senior year of high school, I found out that an acquaintance was visiting one of my “not real option” schools on his family’s private jet. A phone call later, my mom and I were traveling down WITH them (I know, right?!?) on their plane!!  During my visit, I found out I had received enough money from the university to fully cover my tuition (say what??). Guess where I ended up going?! That’s just how things have worked out for me.


Although I was majoring in education, I decided I didn’t want to be a teacher my senior year of college. I applied to a Masters program at my university, which was the #1 grad school of education at the time - and got in. That’s just how things have worked out for me.

While I was in graduate school, I picked one top company from the list of employers that recruited at my school and decided that was the only job to which I would apply - in the worst job market in years. Guess what? I got the job. Again - that’s just how things have worked out for me.

I went to a great university (twice) and got a coveted consulting job without much effort - but despite all that, there was a big problem.

I wasn't happy.

Despite living a life that others would call “successful”...


I wasn't happy.

Because while on paper my job looked great, what I was REALLY doing was:

  • Traveling every single week to cities no one wants to visit

  • Living out of mediocre hotels

  • Losing connections at home

  • Being bullied at work

Five years later, I applied for another job that I thought would make me happier because it was marketed as “less travel,” - I thought I just needed to be home more to feel more joy. I got the job, but ended up being away from home MORE than I was before - and my soul was completely crushed! I thought there was no way to improve the situation!

For me, the change came when I quit my corporate job to work for myself - but that doesn’t mean that has to be the same end result for you.


Knowing then what I know now, I don’t think such a drastic change was needed. You can find your purpose by changing your mindset about work and identifying and jumping into new passions outside of work. You can also find it by completely changing up your day-to-day.

That’s why I set out to create my signature We Rock At Work coaching program: to bring you CLARITY on your purpose and to give you the STEPS to live your most awesome life!

Discovering which path is right for you is one of the many things we’ll cover in my program. Whether you want to find the confidence to progress faster in your corporate career or whether you desire to start a business of your own, I’ve been there and can help you find your awesome purpose.


So why choose me as your coach?

I’ve been where you are - I’ve felt guilty for not feeling fully satisfied with everything that I’d been given. I knew it wasn’t enough - and I’ve learned that it’s okay to want more!


I’ve invested in myself through formal education, mentoring and self-study so that I’m able to be the best coach for you! I also spent over seven years within the field of change management within organizations - so much of this experience is completely transferable to working through personal changes and growth!

Courses & Certifications

  • I Heart Coaching Program with Emily Williams

  • Magnetic Messaging™ with Anna Powers

  • B-School with Marie Forleo

  • Blogging Bootcamp, Winning with Pinterest, and additional Social Media Marketing courses and group coaching with the Sassy Suite

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Educational Studies and Political Science

  • Master of Education in Organizational Leadership


Commit to 90 days with me

I will help you find your purpose to start your new ROCK STAR life!